Veterans-in-PliticsThe Veterans In Politics For Nevada, Congressional District 2. (VIP-CD2), announced that they have unanimously agreed to wholly endorse and support Rick Saake for the Washoe County School Board Trustee.

Rick Saake was the only School Board candidate for any of the Washoe County districts, which the group endorsed.

According to Vicky Maltman, Auxiliary Director VIP-CD2 for Nevada, “The VIP-CD2 endorsement process is painstakingly fair, unbiased, impartial and non-partisan. It is conducted by 100% volunteer veterans with extremely diverse personal backgrounds and varying political views. VIP-CD2 interview panels vary and differentiate at every interview event. It was created to reflect a pure process, highlighting true opinions and concerns of everyday Americans. All interviews are emailed to all candidates in advance. The process is always, unedited and does not provide questions to candidates prior to the event. The VIP panel member’s identities are not released until the day of the interviews to ensure neutral and fair endorsement hearings and include veteran panelists. VIPI and VIP-CD2 does all of this for a love of community, in an effort to educate the public on the candidates running for office, and is proud to be one of the only groups in the State of Nevada that endorses candidates with this type of transparency.”

Rick Saake was quoted as saying, “Anyone who serves this country in uniform deserves our utmost respect. I am ecstatic to hear that a group such as this endorses myself and my stances on the issues.”

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