• "Good Students start with Great Teachers"

    Research has repeatedly shown that teachers are the most important factor impacting student achievement.

  • "Advancing Education to the Digital Age"

    Studies show that for students in middle school now, 90% of the jobs they will be competing for will require strong technological skills.

  • "Every Child Deserves a High-Quality Education"

    As parents and guardians, we want to provide the best education possible for our children.

One Size Does Not Fit All: The Need for Variety in Learning

One Size Does Not Fit All

When you want to improve your physical health, you don’t have to eat one specific type of food or exercise in a specific way. Rather, you need an appropriate mix of healthy foods and exercise – no one thing is required. Different types of exercise and foods are in some sense interchangeable. What matters is that you get the appropriate dose.

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Infographic: How Teachers Make a Difference


Teachers shape the lives of future generations by developing their skills and encouraging them to dream big. The How Teachers Make a Difference Infographic shows just how valuable teachers are — by the numbers. An effective teacher has 14 times the effect on students success as compared to shrinking a class by 5 students. Highlights …

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Teacher Motivation, Morale, and Professional Identity

Teacher Motivation, Morale, and Professional Identity

Despite the many changes taking places in education and their attendant stresses and challenges on teachers and schools, teachers are poised to uplift and transform the profession. To do so, a deeper appreciation for the multifarious dynamics of teachers’ lived experiences is vital. In the summer of 2013, I had the opportunity to interview many of my fellow Teachers of the Year from the 2012 cohort for my doctoral dissertation. The work concentrated on teacher morale, motivation, and professional identity in the context of education reform.

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Infographic: Great Teachers in Schools


The teaching profession is one of the most important careers in existence. Teachers have a direct contribution to the development of children. A great teacher can lead a student down a successful path of learning, which in turn can result in a long, happy and successful career trajectory. The Top Teaching Colleges Infographic provides insight …

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Homework’s Emotional Toll on Students Lives


Researcher Denise Clark Pope, a senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Education and a co-author of the study, which will be published in The Journal of Experimental Education, asked 4,317 students from 10 high schools to describe the impact of homework on their lives. The story that came out, shows a bleak picture …

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Escaping education’s “Death Valley”

Interactive transcripts in 35 languages In this TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson outlines 3 principles crucial for the human mind to flourish, and how our current education culture works against them. Please take the 20 minutes to watch this enlightening and funny, oration about “How to get out of the educational ‘death valley’ we now …

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